A Wild Aesthetic

Exhibitions, 2016-2021

ArtMobile of Montana

Big Sky Country State Fair, Bozeman, Montana - Best in Show

Sweet Pea Juried Art Exhibition, Emerson Cultural Center, Bozeman, Montana

Nymph's Emporium, West Yellowstone, Montana

Annual Auction, Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, Montana

6x6, Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo), Rochester, New York

Annual Auction, Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, Montana

Locals Show, Yellowstone Gateway Museum, Livingston, Montana

Mini Show, Zootown Arts Community Center, Missoula, Montana

Gibbon River Sunset, Yellowstone National Park. Oil on canvas, framed, 22x28 (2018)

About the artist

Noelle Sullivan is a painter and multimedia artist living and working in Montana, USA, and in Ireland.

Exploring the world around us in oils and watercolours, Noelle seeks to connect nature with its human interactions and impacts -- she places stark lines of telephone poles and wires against a soft landscape, or shows crumbling cliffs against the orderly realm of human gardens. In abstractions or specific detail, she seeks the interstices of nature and humanity, and indeed does so in her written work as well, in poetry published in American and Irish journals.

In recent visual artwork, she plays with colour. Skilled at creating traditional views of barns, hills, mountain valleys, she branches toward nonrepresentation with intense hues, cartoon-like lines, and abstractions. Her play moves paint and, in recent weeks, ink. She invites viewers to imagine landscapes that exist in both real and unreal places -- in corners of the world, and on studio walls, equally compelling.

Inspired by Tom Thomson, Georgia O'Keeffe, Emily Carr, and other North American contemporary artists, she also finds inspiration in British and Irish artists who play boldy with form -- Jack Yeats, or Stephen Nolan. Working on several paintings and projects at once, she enjoys the counterplay of questions as she stretches her understanding of the media.

A collector and archivist of Irish photography, Noelle is often drawn to recurring scenes -- to famous Kerry or Yellowstone views, but also to human history as told through the ways these places change or do not, through time. She will repaint the same view in several ways, knowing that land, like history, is everchanging.

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